Infinite story

"But death and beauty doesn’t matter my darling… all that matters is if this piece of me is going to be giving a birth to a galaxy"
"Sometimes you’re such a romanticist, my old chap" : said Voltaire and moved into a box of chocolate, moving his baroque furniture to the event horizon of a black hole: "My friend, last time seeing you in this eternity, I remember our non existent past, illusion of me and you 10 years before, when we were some other people, when our cells were a childish monstrosity."
"No time for vivid melancholy and dippy cookies, we don’t have time."
"Oh time, our hearty enemy, destroyer of the worlds and infernal rushing onto new planes.": he said silently disappearing from this universe : "I hope we meet again. Never." - "Hope you suck ton of cocks there": said someones shadow.

They both left each other, startled, while disappearing into nothingness, with mouths wide open in a state of shock. In a shape of a cockasuckling letter O.

—- “Void happenings” (Non existent book) by thechaote

Living on skeleton mountain

When I talk about karma with other people, since I’m still stubborn to admit its power, there is a strange force that comes into our life and sets everything into extremes. It’s easy to notice such extremes in lives of extreme people; rich, famous, successful people. Sometimes destiny and luck play into downright spiral that is on the edge with tragicomedy. It’s such a big surprise to us all when we’re reading about it in newspapers. Not just people, things, projects, social architectures, politics, countries, everything can fall following some funny Murphy’s law. Things fall with the finger of chaos fighting back. It’s that butterfly that makes a storm.

In those moments I love to point out that “we’re living on a skeleton mountain” to explain why this unlucky moments, acting like a curse, destroy us even when we feel safe in our own lies and illusions.

Skeleton mountain - imagine a big mountain of skeletons, people dead before you that made your existence a possibility, people dead because of your choices in life, people dead by countless regimes, people dead so the successful could reach the unreachable top, add nature if you want, animals you ate, nature you/we destroyed just to be. We are living on such mountain. Some people have it low, some have it high.

Everything has it’s own skeleton mountain, on micro and macro level. Even society has one that can’t support us anymore. Capitalism has it’s own. On micro level we’re sitting and carrying this little mountain while pushing and climbing a bigger one. It’s Sisyphus job.

I believe more and more corpses fall while giving a last push to the society, more society falls down it’s own mountain. We give our life to push forward things that are bigger than us. Even if a person dies in a concentration camp under torture, it is pushing forward this reality with a wish for someone to come and free the others or the next generations.

We live in countless prisons in this world and I believe such prisons make reality a place of imagination. Because all those ideas belong to nothing really, our minds. Maybe this reality really is a test. Hm.

Wishes and efforts, a prayers of many that are given to next generation. A beautiful candle light in the night. Karma being indifferent but calculative, knows who has taken more of a bite into this place, and who didn’t. If you bite more, more you will get, bad or good it doesn’t matter. Everything leads to conclusion on skeleton mountain.
You reach the top, you die. That can be a death of your soul, personality, character, maybe now you’re a rich guy and think your existence matters - but hey, there is a pile of corpses below you.

You have a responsibility and power to bring this fragile little wishes to reality. You killed many to achieve not much.

I always say we take everything for granted. But if we turn around we can see ghosts. When you see a pathetic existence wearing illusions of ego, feel sorry for them, they will learn nothing. This world is getting fuller and fuller of empty, hollow people - and for/because of them millions died. Dead end for wishes of better times for all of us.

Karma, destiny, chaos waves, they are like some weird machinery. If balance is out of order, it will work its magic. It will create curse to fight back someones extreme luck. It will drag out the uncertainty from the microscopic hole of society and use it on massive level.

It’s interesting to contemplate on idea of skeleton mountain. It can be used as shadow work. Who died because of me? Who died because of my life choices, job choices, political choices, consumerism, ideas, success, stubbornness. Remember those ghosts, lives you destroyed by not knowing. Respect your luck. It’s not all about you being high-achiever, it’s about you being hungry and eating more into the skeleton mountains core. It was all form of energy, so your rocket could go higher. Without us you’re nothing.

all the best, chaotically,

Recipe for : Boosting the third eye

Do you have a problem with a clogged third eye? Nope you don’t. That’s a lie. Yes you do. No…

The Recipe for boosting the third eye, 6th chakra, the place where your hypothalamus make you fuzzy while doing “cock-spinal-***k-imagination” practice. Have you tried that? It’s weirdest self anal sex ever, and you feel it in your skull O_o)’ Gods do love anal sex. This is why it’s banned from annals.

Owh, yeah, right The Recipe of The Third Eye

1. Take a dark bottle.

2. Put olive oil. Add cinnamon stick and cinnamon powder.

3. Add some crystals according to your crystal fluffiness. I use amethyst because its gay, crystal quartz for empowering and keeping energies clean, and some little citrine stones if i had them.

3. I would leave that for couple of weeks. ! - You can already use it, but this recipe is far from over. Because I added EXTRA BOOST to it (it’s already known as wicca magick spell thing and you can find it on youtube where sexy ladies in their late 40s are representing it. Tits <3

4. After couple of weeks. Shake that bottle. Shake it good. Make that bottle kimochi feeling. Then take oil out. In a new bottle add these grinded herbs: Basil leaves, Great mullein flowers, some nutmeg but not too much, St. John’s wort because its awesome, and add extra some drops of oil: sandalwood or/and myrrh. Close. Shake. Leave it alone for two weeks.

5. Use that oil. Massage your third eye spot with it. It will work!


Oh yeah and: The Skullfuck technique 

all the best chaotically


I’m having this song on repeat since it went on youtube. It’s magick!

Oh discordianism I love you much!

Oh discordianism I love you much!


My idea was using a old analog camera flash for launching evoking / banishing sigils with light as carrying medium. Instant release into surrounding space with speed of light. A magickal gun of intention! 

Just imagine entering a room which gives you chills, try flashing some sigils around you. Wanna destroy some magick gathering ritual in the neighborhood? Mix laughter with flashy intentions! Stuck in the woods with Deer of Lubricant Lucifer snuffing your trail and doing bottle pop sounds? No problem, sorry to be you.

What you need will help you make what you will get and have:

1. Analog camera flash (+batteries)

2. Transparent plastic paper in any color you need

3. Smelly waterproof pen.

4. Some patafix (on-off) sticky glue, or duck tape

5. Sigils, protection circle of any kind.

- Draw a sigil on a paper, stick to the flash bulb, insert batteries, enjoy high pitched sound until ready, release and go out and do magick! 

All the best, chaotically

thechaote / Thomas Chaote

Anonymous said: Where I live gypsy is not a racial slur. In Fact people are very proud to be called gypsy's. I don't get why tumblr people are upset about it. I'm thinking in America it is used in a bad way or something.

I think the same goes in my parts too. If you use it for swearing it is slur, but in regular talk no one minds it. Maybe is more of what negative quality you attach to that word that it makes sound racist. We have various types of songs were gypsies are mentioned (being jolly and fun, wedding themes, traveling feeling lost and trying to find home in distant lands motifs). If you want to be polite, we say Romi. But sometimes they get offended by it, like the word divides them in white and romi people.

Question about cross dressing gypsy guys in magick


I’ve seen somewhere a webpage post about cross dressing guys doing magick , their clothes was gypsy style influenced, they lived in a community and traveled around. Does anyone know more about this culture, its name or any data I could read more. Kinda sad I didn’t save the page because it was a hella interesting article. Tried googling but not helping.


*Edit: sorry about gypsy slur (english not my mother lang), but i think that word was in the post or in image description.*

Found it, it was about Radical Faeries

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Anonymous said: gypsy is a racial slur, not a group of people. it could have been several groups you're referring to, but none of them are "gypsys". don't use that word, even if you're not sure what culture you're referring to. especially if you don't know what culture you're referring to.

I’m sorry because English is not my mother language, sometimes is hard to differentiate such things. We have local version of “gypsy” term -,-  

””“”But I have a “gypsy” permit to say gypsy. “”“” 

I called a person “Roman”, then he told me “For fucking sake call me like everyone else, I’m a fucking gypsy.” 


Question about cross dressing gypsy guys in magick

I’ve seen somewhere a webpage post about cross dressing guys doing magick , their clothes was gypsy style influenced, they lived in a community and traveled around. Does anyone know more about this culture, its name or any data I could read more. Kinda sad I didn’t save the page because it was a hella interesting article. Tried googling but not helping.


*Edit: sorry about gypsy slur (english not my mommma lang), but i think that word was in the post or in image description.*